ReImagine North of Main is a partnership—local businesses, government, nonprofits and, most importantly, residents—committed to making a collective impact, and dedicated to improving the quality of life in our neighborhood. Our collaboration is focused in three key areas: economic development & entrepreneurship, housing, and community engagement. Through resident and stakeholder engagement, policy advocacy and responsible development, we aim to improve the quality of life in these three areas, resulting in a ReImagined North of Main where both current and future residents and businesses want to live, work, play, and invest.


Our goal is to ReImagine the North of Main as a neighborhood of choice: a place where residents and business owners want to live, work, play, and invest.

Core Values


We welcome the ideas and aspirations of anyone committed to improving life in the North of Main. If you want to help, we will include you in our efforts.


We firmly believe in a “give/get” approach to our partnership. If you join our efforts, we expect you to commit time and resources. In turn, you can expect that the partnership will be beneficial to you and the neighborhood. 


We understand that to achieve our vision, we must embrace innovative approaches.  We must experiment with new ideas to solve long standing problems. 


We will keep our partners informed and engaged with our work. We commit to being transparent in our assessment: to monitoring and publicizing our data, and seeking community input to improve the effectiveness of our work. 


We love the North of Main. There are already so many great assets in the neighborhood, and we will work tirelessly to shape a neighborhood that builds upon those assets.


Got an idea on how to help us? Think we've left something out? Email Joe Ferguson, Director, at jfergu12@fitchburgstate.edu


Banner image by Marie Caton