In order to Reach our vision we are working hard in these three key areas.



How are we doing this?

In each of these areas, there are a few key areas of focus. These are what we need to work on, and we need you to help us get there.



Increase the quality of neighborhood life.

  • Improve the quality of the housing  stock
  • Promote awareness of tenant rights and responsibilities
  • Align city departmental goals to support a holistic housing strategy
  • Increase rates of homeownership in the neighborhood


Increase the number of viable Main Street businesses.

  • Improve the coordination of existing economic development groups
  • Assess and address barriers to business development in the neighborhood
  • Increase the availability of capital for business development
  • Support and nurture local business that reflects resident needs


Increase the collective impact of the ReImagine team.

  • Develop systems that empower residents to address their needs in the neighborhood
  • Build the capacity of resident leaders in the neighborhood
  • Strengthen social connections among residents