The high cost of cheap housing?
The low cost of housing is one of the greatest assets Fitchburg, and the North of Main, has to offer. In the north of Main you could probably buy a home for the same amount it would cost you to buy a parking spot in Boston--and a small one at that!

But along with that low cost comes some concerns. Some say that the cost of housing in the neighborhood­--especially after the crisis--is too low. There are also challenges of vacancy and housing quality, challenges which make it tough to get new homeowners in the neighborhood.


Crime + Perception
When we talked with residents about their neighborhood, two big issues emerged: the perception of it, and crime.

Many residents complained about crimes in the neighborhood, and, as the data shows, there is certainly cause for concern, but many more also talked about how crime isn’t the only thing the neighborhood is. These residents talked about changing perceptions: changing the way both residents and non-residents think and feel about the neighborhood. The question is, how do we do it?

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Banner image by Flor Cintron